2019/05/30    News source:Beijing Baygene Biotech Co., Ltd
    Gene Co., Ltd. was established in 1992. It is the earliest professional life science equipment and reagent supplier in China. It is believed that the label of Gene Co., Ltd. is printed on  many laboratory instruments. After years of development, Gene Co., Ltd. has also transformed from an ...
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     Beijing Baygene Biotech Company Limited is invested by the Hong Kong Gene Group Holdings, committing itself to the manufacture of instruments and the distribution of imported products in life science.     Based on the international advanced managerial experiences, Beijing Baygene is always concentrating on the introduction and development of high-end electrophoresis instruments and accessories. Beijing Baygene is the council member of laboratory instruments branch of China Instruments Manufacturer Association and participates in 《National Standard for Electrophoresis Devices》. From founded until now, Beijing Baygene has obtained many awards and certifications, e.g. the silver awards for independent innovation, patents of products and authorization ...


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